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La Venerabile Arciconfraternita dei SS. Ambrogio e Carlo

  • The Basilica of SS. Ambrose and Charles on the Corso (Print by Giuseppe Vasi)

  • Pietro da Cortona designed the dome, the fifth of Rome for amplitude

  • The fall of the rebellious angels, a fresco by Giacinto Brandi

  • The International Ecclesiastical College Saint Charles

  • The snowy dome of Rome by the snowfall of 2012

  • The pipe organ of Tamburini, Opus 119, was built in 1928


The fall of the rebellious angels, a fresco by Giacinto Brandi

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he battle in heaven between the angels loyal to God and the rebellious angels - paraphrase of the clash between good and evil and the metaphor of the final judgment - is an issue that has affected artists . The group of rebel angels is composed of the followers of Lucifer , the angel who rebelled against God's plan to create man and wanted to challenge God himself comparing himself to him. According to the post- biblical literary sources , the angelic hosts were divided into two : those of the good angels , led by the archangel Michael, and that of the evil angels , at the head of which was in fact Lucifer. The struggle between the two factions is won by Michael, which precipitated the rebel angels from heaven into hell. The artists therefore depicted the rebel angels fall from the sky while taking demonic or monstrous forms , with the tail and claws . We find this picture in the vault of the Basilica of Saints Ambrose and Charles , better known to the Romans as San Carlo al Corso , built on the occasion of the canonization of St. Charles Borromeo. Giacinto Brandi has painted a very animated scene in 1679 : God sits in a bright sky father , revered by the choirs of angels remained faithful . The Archangel Michael above the disastrous fall of the rebellious angels into the blackest hell.