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La Venerabile Arciconfraternita dei SS. Ambrogio e Carlo

Pietro da Cortona designed the dome, the fifth of Rome for amplitude

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he skyline of Rome is made of domes. Cupolas , domes and cupolas yet . From the height of the Janiculum , from the Aventine Hill , the Pincio terrace or from the ramparts of Castel Sant'Angelo them , the domes - essential silhouettes symbol of the City - to draw the unmistakable profile of the city, filling the space between the ground and drawn into the cool dawn sky appear pink as in the fiery summer sunsets . Ancient churches , majestic , solemn , huge and famous that overlook magnificent squares , or small and secluded , but no less beautiful , rich and elegant : minimum delights to be discovered, where they are hidden in the folds of the intricate Roman streets , placed so as to create a small square of their own. All are precious treasures custodians of an immense artistic heritage made ​​of frescoes , paintings, sculptures , mosaics and unique décor that lie behind their austere facades , composed of ancient columns , or moved by the wind spirited baroque form that dissolves in a fantastic flight of creativity.