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La Venerabile Arciconfraternita dei SS. Ambrogio e Carlo

Criteria and objectives of ispiration

  1. "Domine, dilexi decorem domus tuae": "Sir, I loved the decor of your home." And 'This is the first and main criterion that guided the intervention of consolidation and restoration work which involved the Basilica, in all its parts. This criterion is written, so striking and majestic, above the central door, inside the Basilica, and was placed there by those who in the seventeenth century they built the Basilica to witness and a reminder for them and for future generations.
  2. The second key criterion in making this intervention was that of respect for what they have achieved, with great sacrifice and with great faith, previous generations and, in particular, the original project implemented by the builders of this beautiful Basilica on the occasion of the canonization of zealous Pastor Archbishop of Milan: S. Carlo Borromeo. Just to make the most of this criterion, it has not hesitated to involve the various bodies responsible for the protection and enhancement of monuments ecclesiastical religious authorities (in particular the Vicariate of Rome and the Italian Episcopal Conference), various state Superintendents under the Ministry of Heritage cultural, many companies competent in various fields, workers of all kinds (architects, engineers, restorers, ponteggisti, carpenters, blacksmiths ...).