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La Venerabile Arciconfraternita dei SS. Ambrogio e Carlo

The Facade

A visit to the Basilica starts with the facade, one of the most Majestic in Rome.

It is recessed in from Via del Corso, following the outlines of the ancient church of Saint Nicholas, which was separated fron the Corso by some small houses which were later demolished to make way for a square in front of the new Church. The demolitions of this century completely destroyed that square, rendering more striking th contrast between the two orientations that esisted formerly.

Constituted by a single row of massive Corinthian pillars, the facade is triply divided, the central section standing out because of the pair of semi-columns which top the pillars. All the decoration is concentrated in a most elaborate gable which is hinged to fit in with the overall plan.

The two symmetrical palaces which form the wings were constructed in 1685 to provide for and house the inmates of the hospital of the Archconfraternity. It appears that the facade was originally in a pale limestone and brick colouring, thus blending with the adjacent palaces in delicate harmony.